These are the 2 cosplays I am most excited about. Garnet will be this year at NYCC and Ultear will be next year at Colossal Con!!!!! :D

If you would like to see me (slow) progress on them then go like my cosplay fan page! ZeldaLilly Cosplay & Photography


Super Mario World Artwork


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I find it kinda cool, if you think about it.  The tyrannosaur is an evolutionary ancestor of those flamingoes.  

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Hey, if you haven’t heard about “Call to Cosplay”, I recommend trying it out. Please know it’s nothing like Heroes of Cosplay, the show actually focuses on building a cosplay with a time limit and budget. Now, there’s two episodes are available on Crunchyroll now. Just know the first episode is…


Star Trek - Generations (1994)

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Ninja Squirtles

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this is now my favorite photoset in the entire world.

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Woman? Is that meant to insult me?

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